Thursday, July 29, 2010

MerMaid Fairy---another variation---Mary

She was made with spare parts but
she was fun. Sometimes I get left-
overs or pieces in my try of parts of
other fairies and Mermaids. I like to
see what I can come up with.
Working on a bunch of Angels that
I will probably show tomorrow and
put some of them on ebay

Compo Books-----Mary

Just a few

Compo Books

I did a while


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Variation with new wings_"DAIZIE"---Mary

She is sure bright and Pretty.

I wanted to use another type of

brad. These are daisy brads. I just

love the delicious world of brads

More variations---- "Sunshine"----Mary

This is one that I changed. I did not really like what I had before so I altered it even more and I think it turned out much better

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Victorian Doll Journals.-----Mary

Just a note that I also have the collage sheets for the children's books characters and the Victorian Art doll Journals.

Also the Primitive dolls are in collage

Some new fairies----Mary

Here are several pictures of some of some new fairies. I will be putting on a few more pictures right away. I have collage sheets for these if you are interested. Many of the ones you see here are not on the website contact me if you are interested

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It is always a little more fun to add wings to the mermaid. I like to think they can hop out of the water and fly around for a few seconds. This is also a combination of several collage sheets. I used a little fiber on her hip. I like the look of glittery transparents stickers on the mermaids. It gives a wet and sparkly look.

Another variation--"Starlite"----Mary

This is a combination of several collage sheets of fairies. Glitter is used frequently on the wings. I like the use of the padded pink stars. Silk flowers for her skirt. The stars inspired her name. I love that the color of her hair matches her skirt.

Another Fairy---"LeLanna"---Mary

With this fairy, I used a combinations of a two collage sheets. I call her "LeLanna" I used a "Dancing card" collage sheet and another fairy collage sheet. I like the leaves to extend her hairdo up and out. I added some glittery and transparent stickers and jewels. Love the glitter to the wings. Always make a fairy more mysterious.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another Fairy Embellished----Mary

Wow wish you could see them closer than this

Here is the second Fairy Embellished

Fairy Paper Doll Embellished---MAry

I wish that you could see these up close. The embellishments are so cheerful and add alot to the Fairy. Look at the pockets too

Embellished Mermaid Paper Dolls---Mary

I wanted to show you some ways to embellish your Paper Dolls. I love the cloth Pockets that Lila sews. She is such an excellent seamtress. I embellished the a little along with the Mermaids and Fairies. Sometimes I have to punch a couple of holes in the clothing because of the lamination. This is to sew things to the dolls rather than use glues. I was afraid that the glue would eventually give because of the lamination.