Sunday, April 17, 2011

ATCs that open up like little books...............

I have made some of my ATCs to be opened up
The Heart has an accordian velum book like middle
with the poem "How do I love thee"

More ATCs

aNd LoVe

More ATCs

Making ATCs is WAY WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!


It is fun to get sloppy with paint!!! It takes time to layer things.....but what fun it can be. I came into a BUNCH or old Library cards and due date holders from the backs of old discarded books. I also took letter stencils and went to town, splattering, dabbing, and painting using brushes and even my hands.
I will be using these for many projects. Altered books, art journaling and even ATCs.

The Art Room--------- I love lots of things to look at!

More of my Art Journals

My Art Room-Some of my Art Journals

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Graph Paper is great to use for the pattern. It is pretty basic. Make sure the outside walls are 3.6 or 3.7 inches tall to hold the ATCs. I staple the second inside wall to the outside walls on the edges to form the pockets. you can add a third inside pocket but make sure it is big enough to hold ATCs. I just made a grassy area and stacked a bunch of ATCs on it and put my self portrait doll with them.
The lid will need to be glued together where I have indicated tabs. i suggest that you cover all the pieces first to chipboard on both sides before you even begin to assemble them. Also the dotted score lines will be useful. Be careful not to cut through though. I used my own hand painted paper and inked the edges.
ROOF- I cut out four long elf hat shaped pieces for the roof and connected them together in the middle and curled them and embellished them.
This is so fun to make. Check out the Brownie and Fairy House boxes as well in the other posts below. They are fun as well and can still be used for more ATC houses instead of picture if you would like.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My three Boxes

Left-My "Brownie" house

Right - My "Fairy" House

Middle- My "ATC" House

Brownie House and Fairy House are made with designer papers and my ATC House is made with Hand Painted Papers.
See them ALL!!!

My ATC House

To the left shows the back of the house with crazy flowers and on both sides of the house are my pretty windows and shutters. I love all the vines growing up the side. It sort of makes me think of Thomas Kinkade combined with Dr. Seuss.....along with spanish style door. It was so fun to make and I have a place to keep some of my ATCs.

The roof or lid of my ATC house. I got wild with all the curly q's and rings.

This is a picture of the box layed out with the top off.

This is the lid or rather the roof. It sort of reminds me of a "WHO" house (Dr. Seuss) and the entire house is made with hand painted paper. The colors are so much more rich when I use my own papers. It takes more time but it is well worth it in the end.

Yes, that is me with the house layed open so you can see. I am sitting on a stack of ATCs that I have made. Someone has to guard them. It may as well be me.

My "FAIRY" box

This is my "Fairy" box that holds my five little girls. Yes, the picture looks like only four little fairies (daughters and one grandchild) but I have another tiny little granddaughter hiding in the box. She is my tiniest granddaughter today. It is difficult to see her but she is there by the little fairy table in the middle and she is looking at the goodies that are on the fairy plates........ Those other little fairies better hop back in and let her have some tastes of their pastries.

My "Brownie" Box

These are my adorable grandsons. The center of the box has some snips and snails and puppy......well not puppy dog tails and not snails but little snakes and matter.....still things little boys like!!! The lid is to the right and the layed out box is in the middle picture.