Friday, April 1, 2011

My ATC House

To the left shows the back of the house with crazy flowers and on both sides of the house are my pretty windows and shutters. I love all the vines growing up the side. It sort of makes me think of Thomas Kinkade combined with Dr. Seuss.....along with spanish style door. It was so fun to make and I have a place to keep some of my ATCs.

The roof or lid of my ATC house. I got wild with all the curly q's and rings.

This is a picture of the box layed out with the top off.

This is the lid or rather the roof. It sort of reminds me of a "WHO" house (Dr. Seuss) and the entire house is made with hand painted paper. The colors are so much more rich when I use my own papers. It takes more time but it is well worth it in the end.

Yes, that is me with the house layed open so you can see. I am sitting on a stack of ATCs that I have made. Someone has to guard them. It may as well be me.


  1. This is Fantastic, for that matter ALL your work is outstanding. Wow.....

  2. I love your ATC house, how creative!!

  3. This is gorgeous! You have covered every detail!

  4. just gorgeous! I have signed to follow..i don't want to miss anything!

  5. Thank you. I will be trying some more of these. They are a creative place to keep ATCs

  6. WoW Mary! This if fabulous! Amazingly beautiful and unique