Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My Art Doll group has a September Art Doll Challenge called "Autumn Fairy" and since I always think of my mother at Autumn then I wanted to make it in honor of her. I first took pics without Wings and then realized that since she was a Fairy then of course she needed some. So keep that in mind.

Friday, September 9, 2011

9-11 HEALING FIELDS and my grandsons.......

These pictures bring tears to my eyes. My four grandsons help with some of the thousands of flags that was erected in our town to commemorate the 9-11 victims of the world trade center. My cub scout grandsons wanted to help. I am so proud of them. the three oldest boys are doing their cub scout salute and my littlest grandson has his hand on his heart. It is just too cute and their mother had tears in her eyes taking these pictures. What wonderful grandsons and what an honor it is to have them help unroll the flags and help put them up. I am so proud of them.

My Precious "STICKIES

My oh my oh my. These are the last of about a B'Zillione of my precious "Stickies", a name the family gave them. All my brothers and sisters used and used and used these. My oldest brother was able to get these from some medical-supply-left-over-what-ever place. I think that they are the middles of skin tape that patients use to hold some kind of bag to their bodies for colon problems. He sent thousands of them to me and I have been using them for over 25 years. They do not grow bad with time. They are the most useful circle tapes I have ever used and this is all I have left. I can not get any more. Ten years ago, I paid 40.00 for a box of these at the last family get together. We had an auction to get something nice for our mother. This is all I have left. I would gladly pay 100.00 for another huge box of these. But I have checked everywhere and I can not find them or they are so expensive that it is hardly worth it. I am thinking that I will do something very special with my very last one. I am SOOOO picky now about how these last few are used. It is another chapter of my life that is almost done. I think I have used about 50 thousand(no exaggeration) of these for everything but most especially with art project. They are-or were fantastic.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mother Nature Book....Last Page

I just finished the
last page. It is
Mother Nature
with movable
arms. I gave
her pink feathers
for her skirt although
she is green and
browns and earth
colors too.

Altered Book Mother Nature

I wanted to make another book in the same way the Halloween Book was made. I used only hand painted paper. All the pages are thick with chip board between the two colors of hand painted paper. I used medium sized rings to hold them together. I am still working on the last page and will post it. The seasons are not in order.
All the art dolls have movable parts. The pictures turned out pretty good considering I used my camera phone.
I am also putting this one on ebay. I will still post the last page as soon as it is done. I was going to leave it blank but got more inspiration for it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Halloween Altered Art Book..........

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know, I am being a hypocrite. I do not like Halloween at all but I could not resist making this book. It is called "GHOSTS ARE REAL". I had a bunch of weird stuff and I liked the colors so I turned it into a Halloween Spooky Altered Art Book. It turned out the way I liked it and I was throwing stuff in it left and right, including the Day of the Dead Skeleton that I had made. There is something funny about the way the hand sticks up out of the top and the feet out the side. It has brads and is movable so they can be tucked in.
I put it one ebay. We will see. Someone who REALLY likes Halloween should like it enough to buy it. It is a OOAK and so that makes it unique.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Those Tiny Precious Pieces of Paper-ATCs

These were interesting. The challenge was using those tiny precious pieces of paper you can not throw out. These ATCs were made from tiny scraps of hand painted paper. They made tiny little art pieces. They were different to do but still fun.