Monday, September 5, 2011

My Halloween Altered Art Book..........

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know, I am being a hypocrite. I do not like Halloween at all but I could not resist making this book. It is called "GHOSTS ARE REAL". I had a bunch of weird stuff and I liked the colors so I turned it into a Halloween Spooky Altered Art Book. It turned out the way I liked it and I was throwing stuff in it left and right, including the Day of the Dead Skeleton that I had made. There is something funny about the way the hand sticks up out of the top and the feet out the side. It has brads and is movable so they can be tucked in.
I put it one ebay. We will see. Someone who REALLY likes Halloween should like it enough to buy it. It is a OOAK and so that makes it unique.


  1. These are wonderful albums. I love them both. Cindy W.