Thursday, May 24, 2012

Troll ATC Art Paper Doll.............

The Challenge was to make a "Troll or Gnome". I remember having troll dolls
as a child and collected as many of the mini ones that I could. They were
like little children to me. I played with them for hours. It was easy to name
them because of the different colors of hair. The jeweled belly button trolls
came along later. I thought it would be fun to make a "tatoo" troll with movable
arms and legs. The hair is fibers from my fiber collection. The hair is glued sandwiched
between two chip board cuts of the front and back. It was helpful to used 
jeweled brads for ear rings to keep the hair in the head. 

I used google eyes  to make him a little more silly.
I also make a blue one I sent off. I will have to 
find that picture and post it. I may have forgotten 
to take the pic before it was sent in the swap.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Raggety Ann and Andy ATC Art Dolls...........

I made two sets for this
Month's theme. this is Andy with rick-rack and a white

The Ann that goes
with this Andy has a doily apron and a red heart. The 
hair is a deep rich red thin yarn that is put in sections
by making holes around the edge of her head and 
adding the yarn. I like it a little crazy.

Ann and
ANdy's feet with pants and pantaloons.

This is the 
second set. I used two rows of wide white 
lace to make Ann's apron. I think I like the 
red hearts on them better and also little red
buttons on their tops.

Each set is a little different but both have
movable arms and legs and red yarn hair.

I like their faces.

Close up of their faces. 

These sets are about 7 inches tall. The design is original 
by me......that being that they are my version of them. 
They took a lot of time to make. But I totally enjoyed
making them and they are a great addition to my collection.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Some more random ATC art dolls......

The one on the left was made from an ad from a magazine and a random card. Her name is "Beautiful Dreamer" I used a couple left over stickers and it looks pretty funny. The right one is a remake of one I already made called "dolls"

Monday, May 7, 2012

Southern Belle.......ATC paper art doll

These are altered paper art dolls ATCs taken from an old Children's Playmate Magazine. I think the magazine is from the 1940's Her name is Mehitable. I like that name. One of my own ancestors has the name of Mehitable. They look like a Southern Belles. When there was a challenge for this theme, I was happy to make a copy of three versions of her. I hand touched them and added some embellishment too. Sometimes making a ATC art doll from a paper doll pattern can be challenging. It takes some thought to make it look like the paper doll and still have moving parts to her so she can be folded to a smaller size.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three OOAK Paper Art Doll ATCs

I could not sleep a couple of nights ago so I got up and made PiPi, Joy and Steampunk Sue
So I call them my "Up-in-the-night dolls.

Joy is small-about 5 inches tall
with button hands and feet. 

Pipi reminds me of the the movie called
 "The Artist" which one of my favorites!

She dances.

Steampunk Sue Folded

Steampunk Sue is the tallest-about 11 inches tall

Tell a Story ATCs.....................

The Challenge here was to make ATCs that tell a story.