Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood---Mary

Little Red riding Hood just had to have more inocent eyes. I wanted to make the tiny arms move using brads on Grandma and Wolfie but did not think about it until after. Red is about 12 inches tall and she is so sweet.

Purple Mermaid--Mary

This is one of the Mermaids that you can make with the collage sheets from our website at: You can use the same collage sheet to make a fairy as well. There are so many variations from the collage sheets. Then you can very them even more by the way you embellish them.
This mermaid is about 7 inches long.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fashion Girl from the 60s---Mary

I love the 60s. The late 60s and early 70s was my coming of age. I had Bell-bottoms something similar to this. I had a purse like this too. My teenage daughter now wears necklaces like this one and they are her favorite. She loves the Beatles and collects stuff from this time period. It makes me laugh. I think fashions are re-created and tweeked about every 25 to 30 years. It is interesting to watch. I think Check out the hippies in the last new post by Lila. Check out our website for our guy and gal hippy paper dolls.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hippy paper doll - Lila

The hippy girl paper doll in on our paper doll page. The top picture is the doll with the original clothes that come with the doll. The other images were made by one of our creative friends, the same one that embellished the Mermaid, Lenore. She is on our web site We believe there is no end of creativity.

Soft and lovable cloth dolls - Lila

This group of dolls headed off to the children's hospital. They give one to each child to draw on and keep. We have them on our web site Make a child you know feel secure and loved. Their legs dangle, their arms are long and skinny and a childs little fingers fit around them with ease.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gold Angel-----Mary

Our newest Angel. About 12 inches tall and very beautiful She will be made available to make very soon on the website.

Roaring 20s Flapper Dolls--Mary

Working on some fashion Dolls. THis one is our new Roaring 20s Flapper. She is about 12 inches tall and her legs and arms move very nicely so that you can make her do the "Charleston" She will be available soon on: Watch for her soon.
In the next few days, you will see many new fashion dolls, Children's Book Characters and some other very exciting art dolls.

Alice in Wonderland---Mary

Alice in Wonderland is ALWAYS fun and she is one of our newest Dolls. She will be on the website soon for you to make very soon. That is at:
These dolls have been fun to make and display. ALice is about 12 inches tall. We are going to be getting some new stands for the Paper art dolls.
Check out the characters in her apron........Mad Hatter, Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat. All of them have some saying somewhere on them as well. This one says "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I just "SNAPPED"--Art Journal Altered books-MARY

Here is a funny art journal page. These are my two grandchildren. This is the CONFESSIONS of a RIGHT-Brainer! He is SNAP -happy with his camera!! He takes the funniest pictures of his sibblings and they too are little monkeys and play along with the never-ending silliness. I wrote this like he is confessing to a crime (but just taking goofy Pictures!) and I called this page "I JUST SNAPPED". This is a page that I did in one of my OLD books. It is never-ending fun for me as an Art Journalist. Notice that all my pages have numbers. I almost always make my INDEX after I journal all the pages. But know for sure---- that I rarely start with the first page. I always start somewhere in the middle and jump around. AND.......Yes, my grandchildren got their RIGHT-Brain from me. tehehehehehehe!
Check out the website at: