Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I just "SNAPPED"--Art Journal Altered books-MARY

Here is a funny art journal page. These are my two grandchildren. This is the CONFESSIONS of a RIGHT-Brainer! He is SNAP -happy with his camera!! He takes the funniest pictures of his sibblings and they too are little monkeys and play along with the never-ending silliness. I wrote this like he is confessing to a crime (but just taking goofy Pictures!) and I called this page "I JUST SNAPPED". This is a page that I did in one of my OLD books. It is never-ending fun for me as an Art Journalist. Notice that all my pages have numbers. I almost always make my INDEX after I journal all the pages. But know for sure---- that I rarely start with the first page. I always start somewhere in the middle and jump around. AND.......Yes, my grandchildren got their RIGHT-Brain from me. tehehehehehehe!
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