Monday, June 28, 2010

Ladies Night for making Fairies---Mary

Just wanted to show what happens when ladies get together to make fairies and embellish them the way they want. You can see the personalities in the fairies even though collage sheets were used for these. Making them the way you want is such a blast.

Art of my Grandchildren---MAry

I love children and I adore my Grandchildren. So often I encourage them to write or draw right in my own Art journals. There is something sweet and interesting about the thoughts and simple art work of little children.

A page from one of my journals........Mary

Sometimes I just want to write things that I am feeling. Taking pictures from unusual places and putting them into my art journal is theraputic as well as fun. Then I think of what it means to me. Sometimes it is just a place to let your thoughts go. Sometimes after waking up in the morning, my dreams are still stuck in my head. Art journaling is a place to just write them down and see if they make sense. Surprizingly, sometimes the silliest dreams make the most sense.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Composition book Painted---Mary

This one always makes people laugh a little. Dog and cat fairies. I like to add a little glitter for the wings. I always sign them too.

A Mermaid Composition Book---Mary

One thing that is fun for me is to take a regular composition book. (I buy lots of them at Wallmart in the Fall) and paint pictures on the front of them. This is one of my Mermaids. I think that this was given to my Grand daughter but I can not be sure.

Dolls on Stage.........Me and my Honey---Mary

I love this stage. I bought it this shape many years ago and have wanted to do something very fun with it. I have a saying on my fridge that I decided to use for the theme of the stage. It reads:

Dance like no one is watching

Love like you've never been hurt

Sing like no one is listening

Live as though Heaven's on Earth

This one of my most favorite sayings.

I decided to make a Paper Art Doll of myself and my Honey. I wanted to use found objects to incorporate into the theme. We and the dance tap shoe are the "Dance". The hearts are the "Love". The lips are the "Sing" and the Butterflies are the "Live". I put some object for a hidden message as well. I wanted my children and others to study it to find more than just the obvious. The stage is about two feet by two feet.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

ANOTHER VARIATION of a fairy---Mary

Here is another variation on a fairy using parts from several collage sheets. The variations are endless. Each piece will be different just by using your own embellishments. A little clear glitter enhances almost any fairy. This one I call my art fairy.
I have designed four different fairy necklaces. They are in two sizes. You can either purchase the 1 1/2" size or the 1" size. They are encapsulated in Etsy inchy frames. The art work is original and the wings are glittered and sparkle. Very pretty and will be on the website soon.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blue and Purple Fairy---Mary

I used several part of different collage sheets to make this fairy. I like to use silk flowers for the dresses. Clear glitter is always helpful too.

Red and Yellow Fairy---Mary

Still another variation of the collage fairies. I used silk flower on this one and wings from other collage sheets.

Fairy Book---Mary

I can use the collage sheet for more than just Paper Art Dolls. I used this on the front of a picture book and I like the way it turned out. I like the feathers and using other collage wings

Fancy Mermaid---Mary

Here is another Mermaid where I used the skirt as part of the tail.


Then I used the piece that could be used as a skirt for the fairy as her tail on the green mermaid. I used two star buttons for her bikini top and wanted her to have a set on wings. THis is one of the variations that I did with the collage fairy/mermaid sheets.
check out the website


I thought I would show some more variations with some of the collage sheets of the Paper Art Dolls. This one is the gold angel and I used these pretty white leaves and the pattern for the wings....I cut the wing from some old documents that had some very old writing on them. I added alot of Gold paint. I like the way she turned out