Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Heroes Made by Grandsons--Mary

Here are the two oldest Grandsons with their own Super Hero Paper dolls that they made with the help of Grandma...............Love 'em! The dolls were shown in pics below from a previous post a few days ago.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

gold Fairy---Mary

One of my most favorite Fairies. I used old letters with the original stamp, old jewelry, feathers to match the stamp, hand made paper and gold leafing type paint. Enjoyed making her.



Super Heroes Made by Grandsons--Mary

My Grandsons wanted to make some Super Heroes, named after themselves of course. The one to the left is made by my Grandson, Quinn.
He named his guy Super-Quinn. He wanted Rockets under the arms and rockets on the shoes and behind the shoes. He was a little sad that I did not get to the cape before he had to leave though. The next one blow, to the middle here, is made by my Grandson, Micah...... and yes, he named him Super-Micah. You guessed it. That is why the big M on his shirt.
Then the one below and to the right here is made by my Grandson, Evan..........and I bet you can not guess what he named it........ok you give up?...Super-Evan. I love the six-pack muscles on the chest. I drew the pieces onto a blank piece of paper and let them color the pieces and make the head the way they wanted. The boys got to choose the color of brads as well. Then I punched the holes for the joints and we assembled them together. Evan insisted on a cape and since he was the first to get done, I had enough time to make his. The other boys may have made a cape when they got home. But they all LOVED their Super Heroes and they really liked the way they moved. The boys are highly creative(like their Grandma) and so I am sure they will have hours of fun with them. Evan had already started making a bad guy to contend against. I so enjoyed making these with my Grandsons. .....Art can be sun times together.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day of the Dead Skeletons-Mary

I am totally not into Halloween but thought these Day of the Dead Skeletons were a little fun. I am selling about 20 of them on ebay. If you want one, just send me an email. I am selling them for $5.50 each and signing them. The skeleton is my original art and the pieces are cut and glued to two layers of black cardstock and cut out again. Each skeleton has 10 tiny brads to make them posable.
I sell my fairies for $15.00 to $20.00 each depending on the size and how long they took me to complete.
I think they are a little funny but can not bring myself to make witches. I am making some mummies though.

My little grandson who loves to make things-Mary

Not sure how clear this is. It was taken with my camera phone. It is my grandson, Quinn with some of his Dinosaurs. He is in second grade. All of my grandchildren know how much I love their art. I will be showing more of their art in the near future.

Body Painting Fake Tatoos-Mary

My Son-in-law wanted me to paint a rose on his arm for fun. It was something we do for entertaiment sometimes. Her name is Megan. It comes right off with a shower.

I used the same color of paint to create a butterfly in the middle of Megan's back.
I will be adding more Fake body paint Tattoos as I create more.
My youngest son and my son-in-law want me to design real tattoos for them.

Come See My Garden---Mary

THIS IS ME. I made the entire thing with hand-
painted papers. I took four water color paper and decided on four or five colors that complemented each other and painted them.

I flicked colors with a tooth brush. On some of the papers, I used salt to give it a grainy look. Then, like all my creations,
I then designed a face that looked like me in my youth. I used heavy black mat board to mount everything. I made little bird houses and drew intricate designs on them with gel pens. The flowers are cut from various sections of the hand painted paper. Flowers are inked on the edges to enhance the colors. I glued buttons
for the centers. She a paint brush in her left hand and a garden spade in her right. The bird houses open like little books that are journaled a little bit about various stages of my life. Everyone on her, including the bird houses, the flowers, the chicken, leaves are all cut from the hand-painted papers. I created the wings, by first writing about a dream that I had many years ago that changed my life for the better. Then I cut them into a nice shape of angel wings. I made the dress open like doors to display more of my life in garden journaling. This was so enjoyable to make and it will be a nice heirloom to pass onto to my children and grandchildren. The arms are movable because I used nice matching brads at the shoulder and elbow areas. So Come see my garden.