Saturday, July 23, 2011

Altered Book .....TRUE MARY

This is the cover. I love all the gold inlay. I just added the photograph in the middle. I added the "MARY" letters but the word "TRUE" was already part of this vintage book. I love to hunt through used book stores for just the right book. I added a tag with fibers and an acorn. I painted all the pages deep reds and gold colors to match the cover. I will finish this one.

Altered Book Page about my sweet Evan

This is the same altered book but the only other two pages I have finished. I will finish it but I have another one that I want to finish. This is my precious Grandson, Evan. He loves his Grandma SOOO much. I can really feel his love!

Altered Book Pages......Emily......

I thought it would be nice to show some of my older Altered Book Pages. I started this altered book two years ago and I just love it but I have only worked on four pages. This is an old book that I cut out about 2/3s of the pages. then glued pages together, used spray gesso, then painted the pages, tore the edges and then did a whole mess of layering. It took me five hours just to prepare the book but it was worth it. The book is one of my most favorites. I am an artist and I just can not resist working on about 20 projects at once. I get around to finishing most of the projects but this way I can go back to one after I get tired of another. I wait for inspiration and they turn out better this way. This page is dedicated to my beautiful daughter, Emily. She wants to have children someday but for now, she enjoys being an Aunt. She will be an awsome mother when she does.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happiness Breakdown Magnet -little grand daughter.

A two month nightmare has ended. Three beautiful little children got their sweet mother back. I have watched their mother cry everyday. Everyday I cried with her. Her husband (my son) has cried too. I have spent more hours in prayer than I have in such a long time. Today, I received this wonderful little gift. This is one of the dearest gifts a grandmother could receive. My Honey said to me. "Now do not have a Happiness Breakdown!" Three precious children have come to live with their mommy. The two year old is traumatized and is afraid to let her out of his sight. It is sad.... But, I have been grinning for the last 20 hours and the children are delightful. Her daughter made this for me a couple of hours ago. It hangs on my fridge as my most treasured fridge magnet.....and if you saw all my fridge magnets, you would smile. I know that God has had a hand in the events of the last four months. I have learned so much about myself and other people that are close to me because of the events of the last two months. I feel so much joy!! ...... and tomorrow my other daughter in law will have her fifth boy that she has already named Cyrus. This week my grandchildren count has gone from 7 to 11. What a blessing!!! I think that I may just have that "Happiness Breakdown"!!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lord, in Thee I do put my trust.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vintage Family........Old Photos.....Folding House

I just love old photographs of children. My friend used to say "Are you the Mother of the World?"
Well maybe. I love children and I love old photos. I try to imagine the life they would live. I know how much I love my own children and grandchildren. I made this colorful Vintage family as if they were my own. You will be able to buy the Ephemera page for this on my website soon:
Look for my new papers. If they are not on there already, they will be there soon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fairy Tree Sold ..........

I was going to donate it to the Children's Justice Center. I sold it and the money went towards the Justice of three little children.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Little Leather Library Altered Mini Leather Fairy Book

Here is a little fairy book made from an old "Little Leather Library" book. I used hand made paper in the middle and painted it by hand and added layers of paint and stamping and fairy pictures(own) and some fairy stickers too. So cute. about 3 X 4 inches.

More Art by Ashley............Love this Gal!!!!

I am very impressed with her art style. These magnets are SO cute and so worth it. Her Blog is
And Ashley's email is:
This was made with regular card board and she hand colored everything and added wonderful embellishments and added Magnets. This one is about 7 inches tall. I just love her gift. She is asking 15.00 and 2.00 for shipping.

Keeping ourselves busy So We will try not to be Sad.

My daughter-in-law (Ashley) and I are staying very busy with making things. These are some things that She made. It is fun to have a daughter-in-law that likes art. I have given her full run of my art room. She has been as sad as me because the thing we are hurting about effects both of us. She wants to make these for people using their own children's friends for $20.00 a piece and they are so worth it. They are large, hand colored pictures with really sweet embellishments and magnets are attached to the back. I think they are precious. I will post her new blog soon.
Please email me if you would like her to make one for you. The one on the left is about 7 inches tall. I wish the picture was larger.