Monday, January 24, 2011

RAK-2 for Lisa who had surgery-Get Well ATC

I like RAKs(Random Acts of Kindness). These two were made for Lisa, who has just had surgery. I scanned them. looks like the side of the lid was not completely closed. Oh well, at least you can see them. The one on the left is me. I just added cat-eyed glittered glasses for fun.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Doll Patterns for Fairies, Mermaids and Old fashioned

A few years ago I created some doll patterns for 17 dolls. These include Whimsical Fairies, baby fairies, Whimsical Mermaids, baby mermaids and some Old Fashioned dolls. These patterns are for dolls that are about 3 inches to about 10 inches. I sold many books. If you want one of these books, then email me. I am selling the books for $22.oo and $1.00 for shipping. Patterns are nice and clear and they are easy to make. There are color pages too.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

FAIRY CLOTHES in shadow boxes

Yesterday I finished these three shadow boxes with fairy clothes on hangers. They each have wings. The black shadow box is about 1.5 in deep and 7 in tall and 5 in wide. For the frames, I used matted frames and altered them. I first added a layer of old story book print. Then I added a light paint. Then I stamped out various curly q's and added layers of paint pens, inks and jewels. These were very enjoyable to make from start to finish.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Fairy Clothes ATCs

Some more Fairy Clothes ATCs

New ATCs Jan 2011

I have made some Fairy Clothes ATCs. I wanted some translucent wings and to be hanging on little hand made hangers. I have made about 25 so far. I will post some of these.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Baby Flower Fairies

I love old vintage children photographs. Here are some more Baby Fairy ATCs that I finished.

More Flower Baby Fairies.........

Since I did not know any of the names of these children that once lived here on earth. I decided to give them each a name and make them part of my art family. I wonder if they look down from Heaven and smile at the name I have given them.

Baby Flower Babies

So I started making a b-zillion baby fairy ATCs
I really like how bright and happy they are. Most are on my hand painted papers. I used vintage pictures of children, flowers, glitter, jewels, brads and other embellishments. I will probably use pics of my own children and grandchildren too. I have never met these children. Most of them were born a hundred years before me but the mother and grandmother part of me still loves them and wants them to be remembered.