Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Eva's Mermaids pictures to Canvas by Mary Flower

I asked little Eva to make me mermaid pictures to put in my Mermaid bathroom. I had several hanging there for sometime but I thought it would make a great composit picture of Mermaids. Her funny body structure really make me smile. Eva is adorable.  The Canvas is at the bottom. Enjoy.

Quinn's dinosaur drawings to canvas by Mary Flower

My grandson, Quinn is such a good artist. I think he did these when he was maybe 6 or 7 years old. He loves to illustrate with words and Dinosaurs were on of his favorite things to draw. He is still drawing and illustrating. He is quite the right-brainer. These canvases are a little smaller than the single paintings. This is to make them a set so the family can put all of the paintings in a grouping.

Kelly's drawing to Canvas by Mary Flower

Kellys drawing is a treasure to me. He was only about 4 when he drew this and I have always loved this picture. You can see that he loved detail even when he was small. The original is at the bottom and it will not come in right side up no matter how many times I put it in. I was able to use my
own interpretation a little on this as well but I tried to stay true to his original colors too.

Daddy Josh's drawing when he was young to Canvas by Mary Flower

Big Josh (Josh and Carter's daddy) drew this when he was about 8 years old. I kept it because I love all their art but this one was always kind of special to me. So I chose this one. Most of these canvases are about 14" X 16" but a few are smaller.

Carter's drawing to Canvas by Mary Flower

Josh's older brother, Carter loves to draw. This is his picture of his dog, Brownie. He was about 6 or 7 when he made this. I like to use the puffy paints for a little more detail. The pictures have such a cute simplicity to them but a little puffy paint enhances it too.

My precious little grandson, Josh drew the cutest little man picture. I just loved doing this one. He did not put any color in the picture so I could interpret it the way I wanted. It turned out rather nice. His mom loved it.

Megan's Art to Canvas....by Mary Flower

This is one of my favorites. Megan made this when she was about 4 or 5. I have started with her drawing and then show you the Canvas. I included her original onto the back and gave it took her for Christmas.

It is adorable.

Kids Drawing to Canvas......by Mary Flower

This year I decided to take drawings that my children and grand children drew while they were or are little and paint them onto canvas. I will start with Sarah. I just LOVE the flat tops of the people. It truly makes me laugh. It was given to me when she was about 10 or 12. I cant remember for sure. But I put them together on a Canvas and it looks like the scene is a High School Dance. I call this one "Prom Night" The last picture is the drawing that I took it from.

hand made miniature puppy by Mary Flower......just for fun.

Was bored one day and got out some felted wool and made a miniature puppy. I just wanted to try one. I think it looks okay for never having tried one before. I gave it to my grand daughter and she liked it.

sTeaMpuNk ShaDoW bOx by Mary Flower.

I never liked coloring inside the lines. I made new ones. That is the same with Shadow Boxes. I like to think, play and create outside the box,  This took about 25 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Before I put in the apothecary section

You can see the bottles added here

An antique photo of a little girl under a small magnifying glass

More details

Book section above bird

A red heart behind a metal gate. Some owls,
time pieces and rusty nuts and bolts. A large
steam pipe to the left of the shadow box that
connects into the box at the bottom.

propeller, pipes, glasses, hinges, and 
other steampunk embellishments

More fun detail

The complete shadow box. It is about 20
 inches tall and about 8 or so inches across