Tuesday, January 6, 2015

sTeaMpuNk ShaDoW bOx by Mary Flower.

I never liked coloring inside the lines. I made new ones. That is the same with Shadow Boxes. I like to think, play and create outside the box,  This took about 25 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Before I put in the apothecary section

You can see the bottles added here

An antique photo of a little girl under a small magnifying glass

More details

Book section above bird

A red heart behind a metal gate. Some owls,
time pieces and rusty nuts and bolts. A large
steam pipe to the left of the shadow box that
connects into the box at the bottom.

propeller, pipes, glasses, hinges, and 
other steampunk embellishments

More fun detail

The complete shadow box. It is about 20
 inches tall and about 8 or so inches across

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