Friday, December 30, 2011

16 Family ATC Sets for each member and more.....

Okay this is crazy! Over 500 and about 200 to 300 hours of work. You either have to be dedicated or crazy or a little of both. It was TONS of work but worth it and the family LOVED them. I made extra for grandkids  but they will be saved until they are old enough to appreciate them. So I gave a set to each of my children to share with the spouse. I made 16 cards of each family member.  I loved how they turned out. This means for the year 2011. I think I have made right around 2,000 ATC cards of some type. Some are Mixed media, some are Art dolls, some are hand drawn and painted and over 500 are about family. This was a very big project done with a lot of love and back aches. Thank goodness for pain relievers.

Family ATC Shadow Gifts...

I made over 500 family ATCs this year for gifts. I made ATC shadow boxes and also put loose ones with data on the back into nice little attractive boxes. The family loved them. Here are two of the shadow boxes that I made. They are ATCs of their children.  It was a lot of hard work. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

steampunk Fairy ATC art doll...............

Not sure which version is better. One looks more innocent but she does not look like she has a corset but more like a dress. Tell me which you like better and help me give her a name. Both fold to 3.5 x 2.5 to fit in the trading card plastic container. But you tell me which is better. The more proportioned as far as it looking like a corset is on ebay.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Waiting till Family party to put out new posts..........

Happy Holidays to everyone. I am waiting to post because I have been so busy making gifts and can not show them until next week. Peace to all of you! Until then....this is An idea to use those antique photos. I love old photos but I am always sad that they rarely have names on them. I pretend to be mother of the world and I dress up my nameless babies with love.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mermaids in Kippered Snack Cans..............................

I am making so many gifts right now and I can not show them so I thought that I would give you a better picture of the Mermaids I made months ago. The last pic was horrible. They are made into two Kippered Snacks cans. At the end of December or early January I will show all the art gifts I have made for friends and family. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Great Trip to a Ski Resort...........and the art journal for it.........

I so wanted to get a away from it all. I love my grandchildren and my children but I also needed a little time with my Honey. We spent three days and two nights at a wonderful ski Resort. The town is very artsy fartsy. We love to see all the new art displays. My favorite art show was a show called "DETOUR ART". It was just the kind of art that I love. It is mostly people from across the country that made art to be happy. Usually outside stuff or basement stuff. It was amazing. I hope you will all check out the website.  To me, it was so inspiring.
I used an old little wooden box that my sister gave me long time ago to make a little art journal of my little trip. I glued long strips of water color paper together and painted it with water color and then started journaling. The cover had some old comic type characters on it. I used some of the local brochures and glued them to pieces of chipboard and made a funny structure. Then I put Liquid Pearl Satin Glaze over it all and glued a piece of an old shoe tie to wrap around the box to keep all the contents inside. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I knew something was missing ATC art doll.........

The theme needed something. I had measuring tape arms and legs but I needed something with time. It reads "Love can not be Measured with Time and Distance but it may need Dusting". The challenge was "Dust and Cobwebs". Check the post after just before this one. The wings fold out and have clocks on them.

Love may need some Dusting.........ATC art Doll..

The Challenge was "Dust and Cobwebs"  I had already made two from old magazines because it was all I had to work with at the time  but I came home and made Denise J another. Another take on the theme.  I am trying to make 100 dolls for this year. This is about number 25 I think.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some pages from a Large altered book that I started over two years ago...

This Altered Book is a book  that I originally used to keep track of ebay transactions over ten years ago. The book is a very large log book that is pretty pricey but I bought two (new) for a fantastic price from a yard sale. So a whole lot of writing was done in them both before I decided to altered this one. I glued pages together and painted them with gesso before starting each page.  I collaged a few things but mostly my own drawings. Each page has layers and layers of stuff underneath.
I can not just work on one project at a time. I have about 30 or more different projects and books in my art room that I am working on. I like to go back and forth with projects because my creative flow is much better this way. I will eventually finish this one as well. I like to fill all the pages of my altered books. I like to put an index somewhere in my books as well.  Like many right brainers, I rarely start at the beginning. I am always jumping around in the books and adding randomly.

Friday, October 21, 2011

another Art doll........The Challenge is Purple, Green, Orange and Black.

another Art doll..........called "REGINA"

I just love to take old advertisements and make them into ATC art dolls. I like using the written part as well as the pictures. I can usually find an interesting head somewhere in the same old magazine.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Grand Daughter Art

I wanted to give this picture more depth and layers so I started adding them. I think I like it better now.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hand Painted ATCs- Water Color and Ink

Made three little ATCs that are hand drawn and painted. I usually like the Mixed Media but is was enjoyable to make these straight onto heavy cold press water color paper.  I like trying new things.

New Pictures of the Art Room..............PLUS

Not sure if I have shown these pictures
before but more other artists enjoy seeing the crazy art room spaces of other artists

 You can see where my glass art table is. I will sometimes put paper across the top when I start to get
really messy. I love all the shelves and drawers in this room filled with weird things for all sorts of art

My sizzix area to the right and my small item boxes to the left.

More crazy drawers and containers full of things
This is an overpaint picture of my grand daughter. It was so fun to make. My children
have requested art to hang in their homes this year.

This is not the art room. But it looks like it should be. My honey helped my sort thru all of the magnetic crazy letters to cover my fridge with the family names. This was fun. You can 
also see where I rotate kid's art that is made for me.