Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Great Trip to a Ski Resort...........and the art journal for it.........

I so wanted to get a away from it all. I love my grandchildren and my children but I also needed a little time with my Honey. We spent three days and two nights at a wonderful ski Resort. The town is very artsy fartsy. We love to see all the new art displays. My favorite art show was a show called "DETOUR ART". It was just the kind of art that I love. It is mostly people from across the country that made art to be happy. Usually outside stuff or basement stuff. It was amazing. I hope you will all check out the website.  To me, it was so inspiring.
I used an old little wooden box that my sister gave me long time ago to make a little art journal of my little trip. I glued long strips of water color paper together and painted it with water color and then started journaling. The cover had some old comic type characters on it. I used some of the local brochures and glued them to pieces of chipboard and made a funny structure. Then I put Liquid Pearl Satin Glaze over it all and glued a piece of an old shoe tie to wrap around the box to keep all the contents inside. 

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