Friday, August 6, 2010

Fairy for my Grand daughter-----Mary

My beautiful little grand-daughters came to stay with me while Mom and Dad went to have some other fun. The oldest, Lilo, wanted me to make a fairy for her to take home. I let her choose the brads and haircolor, flowers, jewels and glitter. We made it together. I think made some good choices with colors. Don't you think so?? The Fairy is about 5 inches high.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another 15 inch Fairy--"Rose"---Mary

Just put her on ebay. She is one of my most favorites. It was hard to let her go. I named her "Rose" for obvious reasons. She is made with an antique letter and envelope. I think it gives her a really interesting look that is very appealing. I love to use old card, envelopes, documents, jewelry and things of this nature.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Large Fairy---Mary

This one sort of looks Valentine like. She is about 15 or more inches high and is on the heavy Black mat board with the heavier brads. I am liking this size of fairy. The detail is more intricate and I can add more embellishments

Larger Fairy---Mary

I really like the colors on this Fairy. She is about 15 inches or more and on the Heavy mat board. I like to glitter the Fairy Wings and put Gold paint on the Angel Wings for the most part. I love the color of the feathers

another variation of the Goth Fairy--Mary

thought I would put a little

more color into this one.

I just made a bunch and

will share these with you

very soon in the next few