Saturday, May 17, 2014

More of Grandma's Stuffed Monsters for three adorable little kids.................

My daughter's best friend has three little children. She thinks I am an awesome artist. I am just me but she makes me feel good. She gave me some clothing that were her kids' favorite outgrown clothing and I took them and cut them apart to make them each an EASTER Monster ( I know...right?----too funny but it is very different and every other kid gets a stuffed bunny....right.

More of Grandma's Stuffed Monsters

My Son in Law's brother one day wanted me to fix his work pants. They were torn so badly that I started laughing and said, "What do you think I am........a miracle worker?"  We both laughed. But I told him that I would like to have them and he should buy some new ones which he did. Well, I made a Stuffed Monster out of them. HE LOVED it! Then he brought me another very worn pair and asked me to make his girlfriend a monster with the second pair. It was a hit for sure. I even made a baby monster and put it in a pocket pouch on the front of her monster. They both really appreciated the monsters.

Funny little things from Grandma. ............

Whether my grandchildren are far away or even not so far away, they still like to get funny things in the mail. It seems to make their day. I will be making more things for them soon. (They also like a little money-what kid doesn't-right? LOL)

My Brother's Junk RAT ROD.........we are SO much alike!

My younger brother is poor as a church mouse but he said that even if he were rich that he would still do this kind of a thing. He builds cars out of junk......And when I say junk, I MEAN junk. The front of this truck rat rod is an old refridgerator. He is an amazing artist and he is legally blind. He can not do much welding so we bought him the best heavy bolts that you can buy.  I am so proud of him and enjoy his company. It is uncanny how two people from the same family can think. I am a mixed media artist and I LOVE to make art from junk. This Rat Rod just touched my soul. 
THis truck is SO COOL!!

Oh yeah he also built the funny little cabin from junk wood. It is so fun too.

My secret canvases..........My Sweetie's Grandson..............

Here is a project that I really enjoyed. I notice that the projects that I enjoy making the most turn out the best. I think that it comes down to please myself instead of trying to please others. THis little guy lives clear on the other side of the world. But They are coming to the USA in a couple of weeks and I can hardly wait to show them. My sweetie loves it and he has not met the cute little guy yet. We are all excited to meet him.  The canvases are my little secret.