Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Brother's Junk RAT ROD.........we are SO much alike!

My younger brother is poor as a church mouse but he said that even if he were rich that he would still do this kind of a thing. He builds cars out of junk......And when I say junk, I MEAN junk. The front of this truck rat rod is an old refridgerator. He is an amazing artist and he is legally blind. He can not do much welding so we bought him the best heavy bolts that you can buy.  I am so proud of him and enjoy his company. It is uncanny how two people from the same family can think. I am a mixed media artist and I LOVE to make art from junk. This Rat Rod just touched my soul. 
THis truck is SO COOL!!

Oh yeah he also built the funny little cabin from junk wood. It is so fun too.

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