Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Pictures of the Art Room..............PLUS

Not sure if I have shown these pictures
before but more other artists enjoy seeing the crazy art room spaces of other artists

 You can see where my glass art table is. I will sometimes put paper across the top when I start to get
really messy. I love all the shelves and drawers in this room filled with weird things for all sorts of art

My sizzix area to the right and my small item boxes to the left.

More crazy drawers and containers full of things
This is an overpaint picture of my grand daughter. It was so fun to make. My children
have requested art to hang in their homes this year.

This is not the art room. But it looks like it should be. My honey helped my sort thru all of the magnetic crazy letters to cover my fridge with the family names. This was fun. You can 
also see where I rotate kid's art that is made for me. 


  1. I love your craft room, it's wonderfully great!!! Love your fridge too!!