Monday, July 14, 2014

Mary Flower-Miniature Candy Book.

Size: 1' X 1". Little pockets to put in the candy.
I made about 8 little books. This one was a gift.


  1. An inchie book, so cute! Always love your creations. Is it paper made from 1 piece of paper?

  2. You are so talented, Mary.
    I have been perusing your blog and your whimsical spirit shines through all of what you create. And congratulations for your work being chosen to be in so many of Stampington's magazines. That is an honor in itself.
    I am in 'the trodden path' ning site and 'Jeanne Oliver ning' and 'MAIDA' doll ning, and 'Willowing' many people out there are talented and it is wonderful they share their 'muse' with other kindred spirits. You are an inspiration!