Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happiness Breakdown Magnet -little grand daughter.

A two month nightmare has ended. Three beautiful little children got their sweet mother back. I have watched their mother cry everyday. Everyday I cried with her. Her husband (my son) has cried too. I have spent more hours in prayer than I have in such a long time. Today, I received this wonderful little gift. This is one of the dearest gifts a grandmother could receive. My Honey said to me. "Now do not have a Happiness Breakdown!" Three precious children have come to live with their mommy. The two year old is traumatized and is afraid to let her out of his sight. It is sad.... But, I have been grinning for the last 20 hours and the children are delightful. Her daughter made this for me a couple of hours ago. It hangs on my fridge as my most treasured fridge magnet.....and if you saw all my fridge magnets, you would smile. I know that God has had a hand in the events of the last four months. I have learned so much about myself and other people that are close to me because of the events of the last two months. I feel so much joy!! ...... and tomorrow my other daughter in law will have her fifth boy that she has already named Cyrus. This week my grandchildren count has gone from 7 to 11. What a blessing!!! I think that I may just have that "Happiness Breakdown"!!!!!


  1. Mary, I found your blog from your post at the Artist Trading Cards Yahoo group. First of all, I'm happy for you that events in your life are getting better. Second, I love your artwork! Your style is quite unique and refreshing.

    My personal demon is bipolar disease, so I understand sadness affecting your ability to create art. I started my blog in April and it was going well and gaining followers. Then about the end of May, I felt myself falling back into the pit. So, no blog posting in a couple of months. Like you, my faith in God sustains me. Seeing the art that others make, and reading of the sadness that others are dealing with and working through is encouraging. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much! I was not going to blog my heartaches but it seemed to help. Since the problem has mostly been taken care of, I have a new burst of energy. Thank you for the words of encouragement. It was a very horrible two months. Things are so much better now.