Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super Heroes Made by Grandsons--Mary

My Grandsons wanted to make some Super Heroes, named after themselves of course. The one to the left is made by my Grandson, Quinn.
He named his guy Super-Quinn. He wanted Rockets under the arms and rockets on the shoes and behind the shoes. He was a little sad that I did not get to the cape before he had to leave though. The next one blow, to the middle here, is made by my Grandson, Micah...... and yes, he named him Super-Micah. You guessed it. That is why the big M on his shirt.
Then the one below and to the right here is made by my Grandson, Evan..........and I bet you can not guess what he named it........ok you give up?...Super-Evan. I love the six-pack muscles on the chest. I drew the pieces onto a blank piece of paper and let them color the pieces and make the head the way they wanted. The boys got to choose the color of brads as well. Then I punched the holes for the joints and we assembled them together. Evan insisted on a cape and since he was the first to get done, I had enough time to make his. The other boys may have made a cape when they got home. But they all LOVED their Super Heroes and they really liked the way they moved. The boys are highly creative(like their Grandma) and so I am sure they will have hours of fun with them. Evan had already started making a bad guy to contend against. I so enjoyed making these with my Grandsons. .....Art can be sun times together.

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