Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Come See My Garden---Mary

THIS IS ME. I made the entire thing with hand-
painted papers. I took four water color paper and decided on four or five colors that complemented each other and painted them.

I flicked colors with a tooth brush. On some of the papers, I used salt to give it a grainy look. Then, like all my creations,
I then designed a face that looked like me in my youth. I used heavy black mat board to mount everything. I made little bird houses and drew intricate designs on them with gel pens. The flowers are cut from various sections of the hand painted paper. Flowers are inked on the edges to enhance the colors. I glued buttons
for the centers. She a paint brush in her left hand and a garden spade in her right. The bird houses open like little books that are journaled a little bit about various stages of my life. Everyone on her, including the bird houses, the flowers, the chicken, leaves are all cut from the hand-painted papers. I created the wings, by first writing about a dream that I had many years ago that changed my life for the better. Then I cut them into a nice shape of angel wings. I made the dress open like doors to display more of my life in garden journaling. This was so enjoyable to make and it will be a nice heirloom to pass onto to my children and grandchildren. The arms are movable because I used nice matching brads at the shoulder and elbow areas. So Come see my garden.

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