Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dolls on Stage.........Me and my Honey---Mary

I love this stage. I bought it this shape many years ago and have wanted to do something very fun with it. I have a saying on my fridge that I decided to use for the theme of the stage. It reads:

Dance like no one is watching

Love like you've never been hurt

Sing like no one is listening

Live as though Heaven's on Earth

This one of my most favorite sayings.

I decided to make a Paper Art Doll of myself and my Honey. I wanted to use found objects to incorporate into the theme. We and the dance tap shoe are the "Dance". The hearts are the "Love". The lips are the "Sing" and the Butterflies are the "Live". I put some object for a hidden message as well. I wanted my children and others to study it to find more than just the obvious. The stage is about two feet by two feet.

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