Friday, May 18, 2012

Raggety Ann and Andy ATC Art Dolls...........

I made two sets for this
Month's theme. this is Andy with rick-rack and a white

The Ann that goes
with this Andy has a doily apron and a red heart. The 
hair is a deep rich red thin yarn that is put in sections
by making holes around the edge of her head and 
adding the yarn. I like it a little crazy.

Ann and
ANdy's feet with pants and pantaloons.

This is the 
second set. I used two rows of wide white 
lace to make Ann's apron. I think I like the 
red hearts on them better and also little red
buttons on their tops.

Each set is a little different but both have
movable arms and legs and red yarn hair.

I like their faces.

Close up of their faces. 

These sets are about 7 inches tall. The design is original 
by me......that being that they are my version of them. 
They took a lot of time to make. But I totally enjoyed
making them and they are a great addition to my collection.

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