Monday, May 7, 2012

Southern Belle.......ATC paper art doll

These are altered paper art dolls ATCs taken from an old Children's Playmate Magazine. I think the magazine is from the 1940's Her name is Mehitable. I like that name. One of my own ancestors has the name of Mehitable. They look like a Southern Belles. When there was a challenge for this theme, I was happy to make a copy of three versions of her. I hand touched them and added some embellishment too. Sometimes making a ATC art doll from a paper doll pattern can be challenging. It takes some thought to make it look like the paper doll and still have moving parts to her so she can be folded to a smaller size.


  1. Just a suggestion, but if you change your settings to moderate on your comments, you still have control of whose comments get published. It is just so hard to read those code words especially with our mature eyes. Makes them cross. lol

  2. Mehitable is also the name of a cat in a book called "Archy and Mehitable." Archy is a mouse who types Mehitalbe's story on a type writer. A classic and very charming.

    Sheila J

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