Friday, September 9, 2011

My Precious "STICKIES

My oh my oh my. These are the last of about a B'Zillione of my precious "Stickies", a name the family gave them. All my brothers and sisters used and used and used these. My oldest brother was able to get these from some medical-supply-left-over-what-ever place. I think that they are the middles of skin tape that patients use to hold some kind of bag to their bodies for colon problems. He sent thousands of them to me and I have been using them for over 25 years. They do not grow bad with time. They are the most useful circle tapes I have ever used and this is all I have left. I can not get any more. Ten years ago, I paid 40.00 for a box of these at the last family get together. We had an auction to get something nice for our mother. This is all I have left. I would gladly pay 100.00 for another huge box of these. But I have checked everywhere and I can not find them or they are so expensive that it is hardly worth it. I am thinking that I will do something very special with my very last one. I am SOOOO picky now about how these last few are used. It is another chapter of my life that is almost done. I think I have used about 50 thousand(no exaggeration) of these for everything but most especially with art project. They are-or were fantastic.


  1. These are what you think they are, so I wonder have you approached the appropriate clinic at a Hospital or Health centre as you may be able to buy from them or even directly from the supplier. I am down under so not sure if you can do this where you are but just a thought.

  2. Yes I have thought of that and I have seen something similar for sail but they ask so much for them. These are my supply from over 25 years ago.