Friday, January 11, 2013

Silly Sunshine Lady - "Let the Sunshine In"

i love to create from Junk. I got about 20 old Slide Trays from the Surplus on a pallet with tons of other junk. I took the metal back off and the ring around the inside middle and sprayed them sunshiney colors. I hand sculpted the face and painted it. The rays are made from mixed media and cardboard that I covered with gel medium. I used old jewelry for the hat. I love the feather. It makes it more ridiculous. On the side of the tray it reads: "Let the Sunshine In". I think I will make more with funny hats and necklaces. If you want one of these, email me or watch on ebay in the next few weeks. I have 9 to go right now. This took about 10 hours to make.

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