Saturday, April 14, 2012

Making ATC art doll from vintage Paper Dolls..............

You can see the vintage paper doll page behind. This is called Jack Carter. His legs are held on with a brad so that it folds to the ATC size of 3.5 X 2.5

Sarah Beth with her arms open. Yes she also fold up too.
Now this was a lot of fun! I really like the old Children's Playmate  magazines. The vintage paper dolls are so quaint. It reminds me of my child hood. I really enjoyed paper dolls as a young girl. I made some of my own. I wish I had some of those today.  I decided it would be fun to make some ATC art dolls from some of these. This is Sarah Beth and Jack Carter. This was so fun to make that I am going to go through more of my old Children's Playmate Magazines and make some more.

One of the challenges here is to make the parts movable and also so it can fold into an ATC of 3.5" X  2.5"  I really like the simple colors of these old paper dolls. 


  1. Well saddle your pony here we go...down to the talent amaze me..

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  3. Your post is amazing. I have got many inspiring ideas from this post. I am fond of making Art Dolls. They look so pretty. I used them on my new doll stencils. You must get them too. Have a look!