Sunday, January 31, 2010

End of January--Mary

End of January. It's cold but I am not wishing for warm weather yet because winter is my best time for CREATIVIITY! I am not ready for the garden and yard work. It sort of interrupts my flow. Well at least in the beginning. Then as the things start growing, I usually get another warm surge of CREATIVITY!

About three months ago, two of my dear friends and I got together with some ideas for a website to sell some fun stuff. We each have our own talents and by putting them together, we thought we could do a very fun web page. I am paper artist, Lila is the sewing wiz and Barb is the brains! Okay Lila and I (Mary) have brains too but she seems to see the stuff we do not and works the emails and website. Point is that we all three contribute and enjoy one another's friendship and ideas. We all need each other. I like that alot.
So this is the first time I have ever done blogging so it is a new experience. Starting at this age is a little bit of a challenge but hey, even Grandmas can do stuff too. It takes a little more courage but better late than never. BUT.....I am jumping in!
So what do I want to tell the readers? I want to bea little bit of inspiration to others. I love to CREATE! Hey, sometimes it is good stuff, sometimes it is bad stuff and other times, I really surprize myself. The main thing is to HAVE FUN CREATING!
I will be adding videos to show how the paper dolls are put together. I want to make videos of the ALTERED BOOKS and ART JOURNALS and other THINGS ALTERED.

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