Sunday, January 31, 2010


I started sewing at age seven or eight. I was raised in a family where my mother sewed clothing and my father sewed backpacking sacks to go on the homemade pack frames he made. He sewed many other things as well, mostly related to camping. My parents shared a machine for years, then my mom finally got her own newer machine. The hum of a machine was a familiar sound.
I was in a 4-H group in my teen years and remember vividly that all my babysitting earnings went to fabric. I would sew a new outfit each month. That was in the days when girls had to wear dresses to school each and every day. I loved sewing. Many of my outfits earned blue and purple ribbons at the county fair. Some even went on to the state fair level.
When I graduated from high school, my graduation gift was a sewing machine. It still works many, many years later.
I bought a serger in 2001. I loved it even more. I said if I had nothing to sew, it was a sad day. My mother-in-law loved to sew too. A sign hung in her sewing room "The one with the most fabric wins". She also had the one "My husband said if I buy more fabric, he will leave. I will miss him". There are days I can understand these thoughts.
I recently, in January, had hours on hand that I put to good use sewing. I wish I had had a clock that kept track of my sewing hours. It would have been interesting for me. So, here is a picture of one stack of the cloth pockets that will be used with the Fairy paper dolls that we sell on the web site. Check it out, they have been very popular. Lila

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