Monday, January 20, 2014

Making a Santos Cage version.

I love Santos Cage dolls. If I were rich......this would be my collection. BUT I am not SO I will make my own.
I also love yard sales. I find a lot of crazy stuff and buy stuff that often others do not give a second look to. I see things they don't......through the eyes of a mixed media artist that loves to alter.
Last summer I found these old Japanese type lanterns. I pulled the centers out and I discovered these strange and wonderful wire "things" that had a wood base."Ah hah!"   the bottoms of my strange and wonderful Santos Cage Dolls.
I plan to make 7 of these 

It says "FLY FREE"

Her arms move with brads.

I made a funny little wire bird cage and added three pretty red birds. I kind of like the purple and red colors together. I added a little bit of red fringe. I am not sure what her name is yet

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