Friday, August 5, 2011

Cover - Start of a New Art Journal- "the Sea"

This was a layered experiment of art on a white baker's paper. Many layers of paint, chalk, pencil, ink, other papers and stamping.
I liked the way it turned out so I cut it to fit one of my Art Journals that I had started. Now keep in mind that I am not capable of working in only one art journal at a time. I have to vassilate between 5 to 10 at a time along with a multitude of other art projects. Other artists will relate to me on this. It inspires me more to do that. Sometimes I will be bored with one project, so I will leave it alone for a while and later (sometimes even years later) will see that project from a new perspective and make it better than had I finished it without any enthusiasm.
I bought this book about 5 years ago, left it on the shelf and now it has gotten a new face lift. It had only a few entries and now it has much more.
My oldest daughter asked me to will all the art journals to her. She will laugh when she looks closer at the dates entered on the pages.........they are SOOO random.

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  1. Hi,
    I just received a beautiful ATC as a RAK. It made me smile, and also very curious as to how and why. The name was right, but the street name wrong. I'm surprised it was delivered! Must have been a RAK from the PO!
    Thanks again,