Monday, August 29, 2011

starting two art scrolls on canvas............

First I cut out a long strip of canvas. I cut two actually. One is about 5 inches wide and the other is about 7 inches wide and I think they are over a yard long. I layed them on my work table (above) and painted them some yummy colors. The wide one is a nice bluish color with violet and a baby-poop yellowish-orange on the other side. (not a yummy sounding color) BUT....The colors work well together.

I started painting faces with different colors of hair and made the hair and if there was a gust of wind. I am still in this stage and as I layer it more, I will update you with photos.

The scrolls are a heavy cardboard with paper mache ends. I layered pieces of paper over the paper mache for my first layer.
The tall scroll is rolled up. It is dried thoroughly and will wait patiently for my imagination to kick in. I think that I am leaning toward a sea/ocean/beach theme for it.
Enjoying making it. I take it out daily, giving it time to dry while I am thinking through the next layer.