Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Silly Stuff in my art room......................

I made this many years ago when I was challenged to make a James Christensen doll. My honey loves it but I think it is mediocre.  But it hangs in my art room on a metal plate holder. 

I was in the weirdest mood one day, thinking of my father who has passed away. It is called "Jerry Rig Jack". My father was an artist and he was also a welder. He was also an "altered-things artist is a strange sort of way. When I was making this, I thought for sure I could  hear him laugh!
 Maybe his ghost was watching me. :)

I love this picture. It was made by my third son way back when he was very young.
It is hanging on the side of a self in my art room. It makes me laugh.

These are "tissue people" made by my step daughter. 
They were so cleverly done that I framed them. It hands on the wall above my art table. 

This is young ME.
 It is a mixed media page that I liked so well that I framed it too.
 I wrote things about myself. 
You can see the word "ART" is very big. 
My family really likes this one. 
It was fun to make and it is fun still to look at.

I put together this collage of old book fronts and dolls shoes.
These are two things I collect but do not always know what to do with them.
 Some of the dolls shoes have fallen to the bottom of the frame.
 I should fix that.

A collection of weird things I have made. 
This is a high shelf in a corner of my art room.
It is difficult to see the little framed clown hanging on the left side.
I should get a closer picture to show you how cute it is.

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