Sunday, January 15, 2012

Three new Steampunk ATCs with Polymer clay............

I was playing with some polymer clay today and thought I would see
if I could make some Steampunk ATCs with my Steampunk Stamp. 
First I rolled the clay very thin with a  rolling pin,  I stamped it
with my large rubber Steampunk stamp and baked it. When it cooled, 
I painted it heavily with black water color paints and wiped extra off. 
The black stayed  in the grooves. Using metallic paint, I dry brushed 
the top surface. I added some metal embellishments and touched up
the edges. The pieces were glued to hand painted paper that was glued
to chipboard.  I think they turned out fairly well. It was a fun experiment.


  1. I love them, they look gorgeous, so rich in texture, I love how the colours shine through. Very pretty...
    Love ~ Lady Anne xx

  2. These totally rock!! I ADORE them! What sweet colours and that stamp is totally incredible in clay!! Inspiring to say the leadt!!!!

  3. Oh wow Mary, these are superb. My favorite is the one with the pocket watch!! Very cool!!

  4. Love these! Haven't done any ATCs lately, this will probably inspire me.

  5. These are fantastic! Love the colours as well as the composition.

  6. Thank you all. They were not very difficult to do so I hope you all try some. Clay is really fun to stamp. Make sure you roll it very thin for the ATC. I used a "liquid nails" glue and rubbed it around very well so it covered every spot. Used a heavy cardboard too.

  7. They really did turn out well. Thanks for the invite to visit!