Monday, January 16, 2012

Three ATC art dolls..............

I used some of my own ATC collage sheets to make these little ATC art dolls.
The top middle is one is put on a Joker card. The head is my friend that is a
professional clown. I put blue glitter to make her shiny. That is her happy smile.
The bottom left is Lenore the Mermaid in miniature and I made her tail move
with a matching green brad. The bottom right it Valentina and I made her have
translucent wings and made her little arms and legs movable with brads.


  1. These are just adorable! Wish the little one with clear wings was mine. =-) Cute!

  2. These are such gorgeous colours and so very cute!

  3. adorable and fun-looking! Yip, wish they were mine!

  4. These are very cute!! I love them. Great work.

  5. Check out the website to see the collage sheets. Thank you so much