Saturday, February 27, 2010

Art Journal page from an old book---Mary

I love to use old books for art journaling. I usually prepare the old book BEFORE I begin to use it for art jounaling though. I cut out at least one half ( more like two thirds) of the pages of the book. Then I glue pages together, rip edges at varying lengths, then gesso the pages. In the picture to the right is a picture of a little giri writing in the sand. I really liked her. She is one of the pictures that I kept from the actual art originally in the book. I just added to her because she reminded me of me. I added the words - "my name is M--". On the left....I used a picture from a magazine. The interesting thing was it matched the dress in my first grade picture. These two pages came together in a most interesting way. I will be showing you many more pages as the time goes on. Hope you enjoy. Please check the website at: for vintage collage sheets of little children that you can use in your art.

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  1. Hi, I love this. I have wondered about altering a book and just haven't taken the plunge. I really like what you have done.