Thursday, February 4, 2010

Make a fairy-------Mary

These have been SSSSOOOO much fun to make. If you like fairies, I think they may be fun for you too. They will be on the website soon at: . I worked for three weeks to make almost twenty different fairies. So look for them in about a week or so. They were a huge amount of work but most of the work is thinking through color combinations that are not only pleasing but not too intricate. I wanted to leave some free space for embellishing. The fun is putting them together. I like making sure the legs and arms are just right, choosing the right color of brads and then EMBELLISHING them!!! THAT is the best part. I wanted to make these so that anyone with a love for fairies could take my collage sheets and embellish them the way they wanted. It makes them more personal and you can even put your own face on them or the face of someone you love or maybe just an old vintage or antique picture. I so love to take old pictures and use them this way. Then I can name them and it is like they have a home. I am always saddened by old pictures without names on them. So as not to feel guilty, I just pretend to be their mother and give them a name that I would choose for them. If they are looking down from Heaven and seeing me do this.....well then, just think of it as an additional name to the one your parents gave you. I have a friend that always asks me "why do you think you have to be the mother of the world?" I guess I love children and even ones I have never met. On this fairy, I used a small cardboard matchbox that I cut in two and glued together and put a little flower and bird in it.

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