Monday, February 1, 2010

Left-Brain and Right-Brain----Mary

Lila, Barb and I met together today for a couple of hours. We got some stuff done and we are feeling upbeat about what we have to do and what has been done so far. Then tonight I thought about my hefty Right-Brain again and thought of a page in one of my journals. I thought you would like to see. My brain, today, looks like the picture to the right. But 30 years ago, it looked like the picture on the left. The picture on the right is much more interesting, don't you think?.
Check out the website in a few days for fairy patterns!!
We are going to have a fairy making party in the middle of February. We will be using some of the patterns that will be on the website shortly. I will have someone video-tape that so you can see how it goes. .

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